Cuban dissident Berta Soler under threat of imprisonment for unpaid fines

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Dissidents Who Are Tougher Than Nails

Berta Soler and her husband Ángel Moya have been arrested and fined so many times that no one is keeping count.

Fines are imposed with these arrests, which usually take place as soon as they step out the front door of their house on Sundays, to attend church.

Berta has accumulated so many unpaid fines that Castro, Inc. is now being threatened with “further action”, which, of course, means prison time. The summons to appear in court arrived on the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Ladies in White, the dissident organization that she leads.

Berta is adamant: she is not going to pay any fines. Stay tuned. This story is not likely to have a happy ending.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

The leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, denounced this Wednesday having received a summons from Castro’s henchmen for non-payment of their fines, something that has already happened on multiple previous occasions.

Through her Facebook account, the opponent shared images of the usual piece of paper that dictatorship hitmen usually distribute left and right. The most striking thing about the case is that the summons does not even have a date.

“Today, March 29, I arrived at the apartment that I share with my sister in Alamar – Habana del Este, and I find this summons under the door. Very incorrect on the part of the person who introduced it through the door without making personal delivery, in addition to not having a date of presentation at the fine payment office, ”Berta Soler wrote.

The lady in white warned that she does not intend to go to any summons, mainly because she never committed any crime that would make her worthy of those absurd fines, which are placed by State Security on those who take to the streets to defend their rights.

“In conclusion, I am not going anywhere, much less to pay the fines ordered and imposed by the Department of State Security. They are fines for political reasons, ”she emphasized.

As will be recalled, both Berta Soler and her husband, Ángel Moya, also an opponent, have been victims of constant repression in recent times, and in the vast majority of arrests, corrective measures are imposed for absurd reasons.

This has led them to be summoned time and time again to go to the fine payment office, and on each of these occasions, they have stated their position that they do not intend to pay a single peso for this injustice.

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