Declassified report says ‘Havana Syndrome’ likely caused by directed energy weapon

Image: Alex Sandoval

After attempts by the U.S. intelligence community to portray the “sonic attacks” on Americans in communist Cuba as just some random natural anomaly, a recently declassified intelligence report points to the use of a directed energy weapon. The report says there is conclusive evidence “Havana Syndrome” was caused by some type of weapon, directly contradicting claims by U.S. intelligence that there was zero evidence a foreign entity or a device was behind “Havana Syndrome.”

Via Salon:

A newly obtained declassified report prepared for the director of national intelligence by a panel of experts appears to show conclusively that “Havana syndrome” — a cluster of unexplained symptoms experienced by diplomats and government personnel abroad — is not a naturally occurring health problem. It does not reach any conclusions about who or what may be responsible, but suggests that an unknown device or weapon using “pulsed electromagnetic energy” remains a plausible explanation.

The document was declassified after the James Madison Project, a nonprofit dedicated to reducing government secrecy, sued to obtain further information on “Anomalous Health Incidents” or AHIs, the official term used to designate the syndrome.

“The U.S. government is covering up evidence as to what AHIs are,” said James Madison Project attorney Mark Zaid, who also represents a number of Havana syndrome patients. “This report differs from the summary released earlier this month and previous statements from the intelligence community. It is becoming apparent that these events were perpetrated either by foreign actors, or it is an experiment gone horribly wrong.”

With the Biden administration apparently working on Cuba Thaw 2.0 and a return to Obama’s failed Cuba policy of appeasing the Castro dictatorship, it’s hard to dismiss a U.S. intelligence report dismissing any foreign involvement in the injuries suffered by Americans in Cuba and elsewhere as a coincidence. To admit there was foreign involvement in these “sonic attacks” would undeniably imply the involvement of the Castro dictatorship. As a totalitarian dictatorship with an extensive and sophisticated intelligence and counterintelligence apparatus that constantly surveils foreign diplomats and is aware of everything they do, the regime does not have the luxury to claim ignorance.

If the Biden administration admitted this was a foreign operation against Americans, the Cuban regime would be the first suspect in these attacks. It has become obvious the White House, is not prepared to do that and risk jeopardizing rapprochement with the murderous Castro dictatorship.

As he did in Afghanistan, it seems Biden is willing to sweep American lives under the rug in order to push forward an ill-conceived and all-around atrocious policy to appease the communist Castro dictatorship.