Reports from Cuba: With elections over, trash on the streets of Cuba piles up again

Juan Diego Rodriguez reports in 14yMedio from Havana via Translating Cuba:

The Elections Over, Trash Again Piles Up in the Streets of Cuba

Garbage piles up in the neighborhood of Cayo Hueso, in Central Havana.

The cleaning in the streets of Havana did not last long. One day before the elections to the National Assembly of People’s Power last Sunday, a battalion of state workers collected the filth that usually accumulates on the corners due to the lack of means of all kinds.

It’s barely Wednesday and the garbage is already limitless. On Espada street on the corner with Callejón de Hamel, in Centro Habana, the waste not only overflows three containers, but also spreads over the ground across more than twice the space occupied by those containers. “You can see that the voting is over,” an old woman murmured sarcastically as she passed in front of it, covering her mouth and nose and crossing the sidewalk.

The “operation” prior to the opening of the polls – whose official results are viewed with suspicion by the citizens who observed the almost empty polling stations throughout that day – was repeated in different cities throughout the Island, and included food sales in parks and squares and the absence of power cuts.

Three days after what some international organizations have called the “most irregular” elections in the history of Cuba, garbage, shortages and blackouts return.

2 thoughts on “Reports from Cuba: With elections over, trash on the streets of Cuba piles up again”

  1. Unbelievable how dysfunctional the tyranny is. How garbage is allowed to pile up like this is shocking. A few years ago, Japan donated hundreds of garbage trucks to the late Eusebio Leal Spengler for Havana’s much hyped 500th Anniversary and not one of those trucks was ever seen circulating in the city. I don’t know if the tyranny sold them or as they often do donate them to another country in order to appear magnanimous and get political browning points from the likes of the New York Times and other apologists, or what happened, but a country that is able to force people to go to those boring speeches in revolutionary square, can’t get a few unemployed young men to shovel that garbage? Really?

    • It’s not only dysfunction but priorities. The “revolution” doesn’t really give a shit about “the people.”

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