Cuban dictatorship certifies its own farce election

Everyone knows the communist Castro dictatorship is lying, the communist Castro dictatorship knows it’s lying, and it knows that the world knows it’s lying. But they still lie because they know they’ll get away with it.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Cuban government certifies the election of its 470 candidates to the National Assembly

Despite the innumerable reports of empty polling places and the mathematical impossibility that according to the government so many Cubans exercised their right to vote in such circumstances, the president of the National Electoral Council certified that 75.87% of eligible voters in Cuba voted this past Sunday.

The number is slightly lower than the 75.92% the electoral council reported on Sunday.

After this exercise, which was preceded by a strong propaganda campaign by authorities, 470 proposed candidates were elected to the same number of seats in the National Assembly of Popular Power that will go into session on April 19.

Those candidates, with more than 80% of them officials and officers of the Sate and the Government, and with the majority of them being militants of the Cuban Communist party, received more than 50% of the valid votes, according to Alina Balseiro, the president of the electoral council, quoted in the state-run media outlet Cubadebate.

In a press conference, the official assured that from 8,129,321 eligible voters, 6,167,605 exercised their right to vote, indicating a 75.87% participation rate.

Of all the ballots cast, 90.28% of them were valid, 6.22% were left blank, and 3.5% were annulled. Of the total valid votes cast, 72.10% were for all, and 27.90% were selective votes, she stated.

Balseiro said that the vote results confirm that “the quality of the vote was superior to the previous municipal elections, and all the candidates received the necessary votes as indicated by the number of votes for all.”

However, the vote tally cannot be independently verified and several experts, as well as activists and members of independent civil society, put its veracity in doubt.

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