Severe teacher shortage alarms many parents in Cuba

From our Bureau of Brain Drains with some assistance from our Bureau of Free Socialist Education

Cuban parents are spreading the word: Castro, Inc. has lost many of its teachers and schools are feeling the pinch.

In some areas, the teacher shortage is so severe that parents are keeping their children at home.

One of the reasons mentioned for this shortage is the low salaries paid to teachers, which make it impossible for them to cope with the island’s hyperinflation. Another reason is the fact that many teachers left the island last year in the great exodus of 2022.

Question of the day: with so few teachers, how will the children be indoctrinated and brainwashed?

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias.

Citizens of the island alerted Radio Martí on Friday that in Cuba there is a deficit of teachers in schools and some families refuse to leave their children in schools.

Activist Anaís Peñalba, a resident of Arroyo Naranja, Havana, assured that there is no staff to care for children in primary schools, no teachers, no assistants, not even cleaning employees.

“They are not paid enough for the work that the teacher does from morning to afternoon (…) there are those who ask to leave, there are those who say ‘I’m not going anymore’, there are those who have personal problems and do not go to work,” declared the activist.

Peñalba explained that one of the reasons why teachers leave their jobs is because they seek to earn a little more money in other trades.

In the city of Santi Spiritus, an elementary school closed precisely because of the lack of teachers, according to what the activist Yorsiquelín Sánchez told Radio Martí.

“Here there is a terrible deficit of teachers, not only in the school of the girl (her daughter), but in all the schools and there is even a school that is closed called Wilson Rojas, it is a basic secondary school in Sancti Spiritus, because nothing one more remained, a director, two teachers and a head of cycle,” added the Cuban mother.

Most of the absent staff from these schools left in the great immigration stampede. “They left jumping the illegal border, imagine, this salary is not enough.”

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