Cuban activist arrested for photos with Cuban flag denied habeas corpus

Socialism in action: After Aniette Gonzalez posted pictures of herself on social media draped in a Cuban flag as a form of protest, she was arrested by State Security. She remains in custody and has now been denied habeas corpus.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Activist who posted photos of her body covered by a Cuban flag is denied habeas corpus

A habeas corpus appeal filed in favor of Aniette Gonzalez, who was arrested on March 23 for posting photos of her body covered by a Cuban flag, was denied on Friday by a court in Camagüey.

From there, Aniette Ginesta, the daughter of Aniette Gonzalez, told Radio Martí that her mother had been transferred from the headquarters of State Security known as Villa Maria Luisa to the Kilo 5 women’s prison in that province.

“On the 30th, I received a response that they had accepted a hearing on the habeas corpus appeal for my mother. In other words, in favor of my mother. Then I was summoned on the 31st at 1 PM. We then went to visit my mother, where they told us that she was going to be transferred to the Kilo 5 women’s prison. When the hearing was over, they took her there,” she said.

Likewise, she denounced that Camagüey authorities “didn’t follow the law. They didn’t follow anything.”

Ginesta insisted her mother had not committed any crime by posting a series of photos of herself covered in the Cuban flag as part of a campaign called #TheFlagBelongsToAllOfUs. “Disrespect is a word that is exaggerated here,” she said. “The photos really are artistic and in no way vulgar.”

“And if anyone is offended by the photos, then why weren’t they offended when so many athletes, so many artists, drape themselves in the flag every day or put on t-shirts with the flag or with phrases such as ‘I am Fidel’? Why aren’t any of these people disrespecting the national symbol, but my mother is?” the young woman asked.

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  1. But of course, Cuba’s illegitimate “president” can use/wear the flag however he wants. Talk about bogus.

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