Canada sends 321 refrigerators to Cuba for storage of vaccines, plus some computers

From our Bureau of Latrine American Medical Powerhouses That Constantly Beg For Free Stuff

Oh, Canada! Your love for Castro, Inc. knows no bounds. You not only give millions of dollars to Castro, Inc. through all the tourists you send to its apartheid hotels, but you also reward their totalitarian repression with all sorts of gifts.

Has anyone asked the government officials who approved this gift of refrigerators why it is that a “medical powerhouse” like Cuba doesn’t already have enough refrigerators to cool its vaccines?

Notice, please, that instead of saying “thank you,” Castro, actually complaining that this gift is insufficient. “Send us more, coño! We deserve more. Don’t be such stingy tacaños, Canadians.. Give us more!

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Cuba received a Canadian donation of 321 refrigerators, valued at 1.3 million dollars, which will ensure the logistics of the cold chain in mass vaccination processes, such as the one that occurred as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the main characteristics of these devices that are endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) is that they can store the vaccines inside at an optimal temperature even when 72 hours have passed without electricity. To do this, they use Sure Chill technology, used mainly in African countries.

Undoubtedly, this functionality is very useful in a country like Cuba, immersed in an energy crisis with frequent blackouts due to a generation deficit and breakdowns in the obsolete electrical infrastructure.

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) promised to make an equitable distribution of the refrigerators in all the municipalities of the country, as well as the 38 computers that were also donated by Canada so that a digital record of the vaccination campaigns can be kept in order to warn of anomalous behaviors in time.

“With these teams it is possible to strengthen the capacities related to such an important activity in all the provinces and the 15 municipalities of the capital,” explained the representation in Havana of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

However, the vice minister of MINSAP, Carilda Peña García, explained that the Canadian donation, in addition to the 622 pre-qualified refrigerators contributed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are not enough, since they only cover 65% of the country’s needs in this area.

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