Surprise! Cuba will appeal London court ruling on its massive debt

Castro, Inc.’s Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera

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Castro, Inc is not taking any guff from the British judge who ruled that Cuba’s National Bank can be sued by lenders who are owed 72 million euros (78.5 million dollars) and any other unpaid lender as well.

Get ready for lots of drama, whining, foot dragging, and blame shifting. Castro, Inc. is very scared.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Banco Nacional de Cuba (BNC) announced that it will appeal the ruling of the Commercial Chamber of the London High Court that dismissed the investment fund CRF I as a creditor of the Cuban State, but decided that the financial entity has to take over a debt of 72 million euros that the government contracted in the time of Fidel Castro, announced Wednesday the Cuban Minister of Justice, Oscar Silvera.

“There are documents that prove the intention to harm the country and affect the financial flows of the Cuban economy,” Silvera said at a press conference for official media, according to the Prensa Latina news agency.

The minister added that he considers that “the action of the vulture fund” was “in bad faith.” The official insisted on using the derogatory term, despite the fact that Judge Sara Cockerill’s verdict literally says: “CRF has the right to invoke the contractual provisions (…) regarding the jurisdiction of the English courts”, recognizing it as a legitimate debtor despite Havana’s campaign to discredit his claims.

In addition, the conclusions of judge Sara Cockerill on the trial held last February leave no doubt that the BNC and, therefore, the Cuban government, used false arguments to defend their position in the process.

However, the minister said that Havana strictly complied with its procedural obligations in the lawsuit. This, after the regime’s defense argued and defended that the assignment of the Cuban debt to CRF I was achieved through the bribery of bank officials, an argument that was demolished by the plaintiff’s lawyers.

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  1. People who choose to do business with the devil are bound to regret it. CRF, like many others, was at best stupid. Castro, Inc. didn’t even pay its Soviet debt, at least not in money. It is simply a parasite.

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