Cuban dictatorship offers seafood, coffee, and other foodstuffs to Belarus that are severely scarce in Cuba

Trucutú & Lukashenku: Vassals Forever, Best Friends Forever

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Apartheid Economics

Apartheid in Castrogonia is not limited to the tourist industry. Apartheid governs all decisions by the military junta that owns the whole island and governs it with an iron fist, just like any old-fashioned Latrine American military junta or crime syndicate.

In order to curry favor with Belarus — the dictatorship closest to Czar Vlad the Invader’s heart — Castro, Inc. is now offering to export all sorts of goods that are unavailable or unaffordable in Cuba to that Eastern European vassal state of Grand Putinia

Nothing new here, really. This is just an extension of the apartheid policies that govern Castro, Inc.’s tourism industry. The main goal — the only goal — is to do whatever it takes for Castro, Inc. to stay in power. And staying in power requires a steady income that can only be provided by foreigners.

Bingo! Whatever foreigners want, foreigners get, no matter what. The needs of Cubans always come in dead last. Those foreign superior beings who can keep the dictatorship afloat always come first. That’s what socialist social justice is all about.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Government of Cuba offered Belarus the sale of seafood, coffee and fruit, foods that are scarce on the island, and which are very expensive for Cubans to access, despite being traditional products of the country.

According to the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture in Minsk, quoted by the local newspaper Reforma, the offer was announced after talks with the delegation of the Island’s Ministry of Food Industry, headed by its minister, Manuel Sobrino.

“The Cuban side expressed interest in cooperation in the field of education and agrarian science, the implementation of modern projects, the supply of Belarusian dry dairy products, and the export of Cuban fruits, seafood and coffee to Belarus,” indicated the ministerial office.

In its report, the official BelTA agency assured that Minsk and Havana “are discussing the supply of dry dairy products and canned meat.”

“Trade and economic relations are developing very actively between Belarus and Cuba. For our part, the export of dairy products is ensured, while Cuban products are also in great demand on our market,” said Ksenia Meleshko, head of the department of Foreign Economic Activity of the Belarusian Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

“A delegation from our country is also visiting the Republic of Cuba to expand the list of accredited companies in order to supply dairy and meat products to the Island, as well as to celebrate the relevant contracts,” added Meleshko.

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  1. But Carlos, you title this as if it were a surprise. Ordinary Cubans might as well be gnats or houseflies as far the dictatorship is concerned. Their needs, let alone wants, are entirely subordinate to the prime directive.

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