Irish politicians launch effort to bring Cuban slave doctors to the Emerald Isle

Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernández, Castro, Inc.’s man in Dublin

From our Bureau of Twenty-First Century Neoslavery

Some politicians in Ireland are eager to see Cuban slave doctors working in their nation’s hospitals and clinics.

Never mind the slavery part. As is the case in every other country that employs Cuban doctors, opposition to the use of enslaved doctors will be minimal.

And the income generated for Castro, Inc. by those slaves will help keep Cuba “unspoiled” for tourists, that is, a human zoo full of charming ruins, old American cars, cigar ladies, and apartheid hotels and beach resorts.

Castro, Inc.’s ambassador in Ireland is thrilled, of course.

Abridged from The Irish Times

Cuban doctors could be made available to relieve pressure on Ireland’s health service, if the Government requests assistance, according to the country’s embassy in Dublin.

Ambassador Bernardo Guanche Hernández was responding to calls from politicians on both sides of the Border for the recruitment of Cuban doctors to help tackle pressures on the health services in the Republic and Northern Ireland.

On Wednesday, health officials and councillors in Enniskillen held a video conference with officials from the Cuban embassy in London on foot of a proposal from a local political representative to seek help from the Caribbean nation.

Independent TD for Donegal Thomas Pringle had also called on the Government to ask the Cubans for assistance with our health service but said he had received no response from Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly.

“If Ireland needs the collaboration of Cuba to strengthen its health system, we are in the best disposition to consider it,” Mr Hernández said. “We have not received an official request in this regard [but] it is something we have discussed with deputy Pringle.”

Independent councillor Eamon Keenan, who first proposed reaching out to Cuba for assistance in staffing the South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen, said it was agreed to put the trust in contact with the Cuban medical services team, which provides long-term medical assistance internationally.

“The meeting went very well, and it looks like we’re going to take this to the next stage,” Mr Keenan said.

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  1. I see that gnome Higgins is still president, which explains a great deal. And yes, he feels very good about this disgraceful business, no doubt. So kind of him to throw a bone to the savages and their “revolution.”

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