U.N. reports all Cubans between the ages of 14 and 60 are malnourished

Cuban retiree on Revolutionary diet

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Hey, wait a minute . . . Isn’t Cuba one of the U.N.’s favorite member nations? What’s going on here? Why are they highlighting a failure of the island’s wonderful Revolution?

Oh, read the last paragraph below. It’s not all that bad. And never mind the fact that Cubans under 14 and over 60 are probably more malnourished than those who are the focus of this report. Yes, the U.N. has actually chosen not to report on those who are most vulnerable, especially retirees whose pensions simply can’t keep up with inflation.

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Cubans have access to unhealthy food that ends up causing obesity and malnutrition

“The diet of the average Cuban household is poor in micronutrients and not sufficiently healthy or diverse due to limited and unstable availability of nutritious foods, socioeconomic factors, and poor eating habits.” The World Food Program (WFP), an arm of the United Nations, is forceful in its annual report on Cuba, which provides data that allows us to verify that the testimonies collected by 14ymedio are not anecdotal.

The document evaluates the current situation of the country, summarizes the aid that has been sent and reviews the challenges that the Island is facing due to the national and international crisis, as well as political decisions that it “supervises,” such as the Tarea Ordenamiento* (Ordering Task), which “still It hasn’t achieved the desired results.”

The assessment that the WFP makes of the Cuban diet could hardly be worse, especially if one takes into account that the country subsidizes or guarantees some foods, precisely with the collaboration of that organization. “Dietary diversity is limited and nutritional recommendations for all age groups are not met,” the report highlights, with a concrete example.

“The rationed food supply for the population group whose age ranges from 14 to 60 years only covers 36% of energy intake, 24% of daily protein recommendations and 18% of fat,” it says, citing an official study. . .

. . .Despite all this, the report is not particularly hard on the government and considers that the situation could be even worse. “Cuba was ranked 83rd with a score of 0.764 in the 2021-2022 Human Development Report, above most Latin American countries, due to the country’s social protection programs and universal access to basic services. In addition, it praises the extensive vaccination coverage against covid-19 with the nationally produced vaccines, although the endorsement of the World Health Organization (WHO) is still not forthcoming.

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