Cuban dictatorship seems oblivious to the REAL consequences of London court’s ruling

Keep waving your flag, Trucutú, and all these comemierdas will think everything is okay

From our Bureau of Poorly-Spun Bad News

The spin Castro, Inc. has put on the London court’s ruling is totally wrong, according to an eminent economist.

In fact, he argues, the spin is so off-kilter that it proves that Castro, Inc.’s oligarchs still have no clue about what transpired in that London court.

This economist might be underestimating the Ministry of Truth’s ability to hide even the most obvious truths and to fabricate Big Lies to cover up bad news..

The fact that Castro, Inc. has already announced that it will appeal the court’s ruling is a sure sign that the oligarchs are really scared by it.

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

The Cuban regime celebrated as a victory the verdict of the London trial for the debt of the Banco Nacional de Cuba with the investment firm CRF I for two loans of 72 million euros originally granted to Cuba by European banks in the 1980s.

Cuban “ruler” Miguel Díaz-Canel celebrated on his Twitter account: “The Republic of Cuba wins a lawsuit in London: CRF is not a creditor of the Cuban State. #Cuba also won in London. The enemies of the nation failed again. Their lies collided with a professional and prestigious court.”

In this regard, the Cuban economist living in Valencia, Spain, Elías Amor Bravo, said this Friday during an interview with Radio Martí, that he was surprised that official media such as Cubadebate and Granma celebrated the verdict “as if it were a ball game, saying ‘ We’ve won, we’ve won.'”

CRF I demanded in the trial held in February to be recognized as a legitimate creditor to claim the Cuban State to satisfy the debt with its funds and assets, and denounced that the Cuban regime had manipulated the case to evade its obligations, even with the sentences in May 2021 of various officials involved in the transfer of the Cuban debt, from the ICBC Standard Bank to the British investment fund CRF I, signed on November 25, 2019.

“When I read at mid-morning European time – which was when the sentence was already known – that ‘Cuba had won’… I was reading the 94 pages of the sentence at that moment… that you have to read… The document is hard. And when I see that headline that “We have won” and “We have achieved our objectives” and “Cuba frees itself from the pressure of the vulture fund,” I said: these gentlemen have not read the sentence correctly, They don’t know what it’s about,” said the economist interviewed on the Cuba al Día program by journalist Tomás Cardoso.

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  1. The regime ALWAYS presents things to put itself in the best possible light. It doesn’t matter if it’s a court ruling or COVID or a natural disaster. It always spins everything in its favor, as it MUST. It’s not even remotely interested in the truth unless it can use it to advantage somehow. It’s only interested in itself.

  2. The photo is unintentionally telling. The faux general is practically screaming “Yes, everything, all of it, is a grotesque joke, but we don’t give a shit as long we can stay in power.”

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