Dissidents Berta Soler and Ángel Moya arrested again on Easter Sunday

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

Apparently, the Ministry of Fear felt that parking a huge troop-transport trailer at the doorstep of the Ladies in White headquarters was insufficient harassment.

So, they arrested the leader of the Ladies in White and her husband, who by now have been arrested hundreds of times and owe thousands of dollars in fines.

In Cuba, a law recently re-confirmed allows the totalitarian state to arrest anyone suspected of “potential dangerousness.” So, yes, you don’t even have to do anything. Simply stepping out of your front door gets you arrested, which is what happened to these two prominent dissidents yesterday.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

On the communist island, not even Easter is an impediment for the dictatorship to deploy its repressive apparatus, and this was demonstrated when Berta Soler and Ángel Moya were arrested on Easter Sunday.

According to Moya’s own testimony through his social networks, the arrest occurred around 12:30 noon, at which time they left the headquarters of the Ladies in White to demand the release of the political prisoners. .

“Around 12:30 noon on Sunday, Berta Soler and I left the headquarters of the Ladies in White and, by order of the State Security repressors, we were intercepted and arrested by PARAMILITARY women, who took us to two cars with private license plates,” said the former politician in his

Berta Soler was held in the San Miguel del Padrón police unit, while Moya was in the same circumstances, but in his case, in the Guanabacoa unit.

He reported that the leader of the Ladies in White received a new and absurd fine of 40 pesos, which is added to many others that have been unfairly imposed on her.

Both opponents were released after 6:00 in the morning this Monday on public roads, precisely in the same place where they were arrested.

In this way, the repressive days continue during Sunday days, a situation that intensified since January of last year, when Berta Soler herself announced the return of the movement to the streets to demand that the Castro regime release all the kidnapped people. for political reasons, and that they did not commit any crime to have to be locked up in dungeons.