Fuel shortage crisis worsens in Cuba

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Reports from all corners of Cuba tell of closed gas stations, long lines, and fuel rationing.

In Havana, queues are blocks long, and residents joke that gasoline has fled the island on a humanitarian parole. In addition the city’s zoo has been forced to shut down, due to the lack of gasoline for the vehicles that are needed to ferry visitors through its open-air habitats.

And, as usual, the fuel shortage has led some gas stations (all owned by Castro, Inc.) to add water to their gasoline. (See photo below posted on social media by an irate Cuban actor.

The situation is no better anywhere else on the island. Diario de Cuba reports on the situation in Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago.

Long lines and watered-down gasoline

Drivers from Santiago de Cuba face long lines to buy five liters of gasoline, according to reports on social networks.

“Look at the queue for only five liters of gasoline here in Santiago de Cuba, in the other provinces it is also like that,” user Abel de los Reyes posted this Saturday in the Facebook group “BUSES & TRUCKS ACCIDENTS for more experience and less victims!”

After the publication, other Internet users in the comments assured that the situation is similar in almost all the provinces of the country.

However, another Cuban revealed that the situation is even worse in some territories: “How lucky they are there in Santiago, here in Las Tunas they will not sell.”

Several users also made reference to the fact that there is no fuel in their provinces. “In Cienfuegos there are none,” said one person.

Likewise, others denounced the critical situation in the capital of the island, where “the queues are days long”, as one user recounted. “How sad the misery that the communists have placed on us,” he lamented.

Kilometric queues are also reported in Varadero, Villa Clara, Caimito, Camagüey, Holguín and among other provinces and towns.

This Friday it emerged that the lines to buy gasoline in Havana extended for several blocks in municipalities such as Guanabacoa, according to reports from Internet users on social networks.

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