Cuban exiles in Madrid viciously attacked by rabid leftists

Staff of the Apulu bar pose with Begoña Villacís, vice mayor of Madrid (in yellow shirt) 

From our Bureau of Violent Intimidation Without Borders with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance and Social Justice

Lavapiés is one of the most heavily communist neighborhoods in Madrid. So, it’s not too surprising that a bar owned and run by anti-communist Cuban exiles should be the target of violence.

It’s also well known that Castronoids from the Cuban Consulate in Madrid are very active in that neighborhood, spewing their well-known socialist version of tolerance and social justice.

Begoña Villacís, vice mayor of Madrid, paid a visit to the victims of this attack, to show her support for them.

Abridged and loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Cuban exiles in Spain denounced the attack by far-left radicals at the Apululu bar, in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, where several Cubans linked to the anti-Castro opposition work.

“It was a premeditated assault. Several people went to throw bottles, to damage, to physically attack the waiters, the employees, and me personally,” denounced the owner of the premises, Miguel Caballero González.

Lázaro Mireles, coordinator of the Movement of Actions for Democracy and an employee of the bar, said that the attackers “destroyed the establishment” and one employee “was in the hospital all night, and another with some injuries.”

“We defended ourselves, we got behind them and the police came after them. A fairly large conflict was created, in a market where children, women and families go to enjoy themselves,” explained Caballero González.

According to the complaints, the attackers burst into the Cuban bar shouting “fascists out of our neighborhoods, fascists out of Lavapiés.”

“We are in one of the most communist neighborhoods in Madrid, where the communist and anarchist unions and the Cuban Consulate basically operate. They don’t tolerate us being there,” said the owner.

The Spanish National Police confirmed the facts and said they are still under investigation. An official spokesman told Radio Televisión Martí that the agents came after learning that “several men entered the bar with the intention of assaulting the waiters.”

“We did not locate the perpetrators, after several raids in the area,” he said. At the moment, there are no arrests.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

4 thoughts on “Cuban exiles in Madrid viciously attacked by rabid leftists”

  1. No surprise, Spain has had a love affair with castro since he usurped the Cuban presidency, rose to power, stole everything [including Spanish property] and started executing and imprisoning Cubans. This has not died down despite the demon’s death and subsequent burning in Hell. In fact, Spain is, almost as bad as Mexico and that’s saying a lot.

    • Oh, Spain is worse, much worse–Mexico is just more crude, as in more Latrine. Spain’s historical relationship with Cuba is far longer and more intimate, meaning its obligation is FAR greater. The fact it doesn’t care about that, assuming it even recognizes it, changes absolutely nothing.

      • Asombra,

        Yes, the relationship that Spain holds with the Cuban dictatorship is a shame. I hope this come to an end soon. It will be difficult, however, as long as the China Communist Party is alive and yes, the relationship the western countries keep whith the Chinese dictatorship is a shame as well.

        I am afraid that the way to end with the communism in Cuba is first to defeat the China Communist Party, the rest will fall under its own weight. But as long as Europe, the USA, etc. keep importing goods from China this will not be possible.

        In the meantime, I hope that the money has entered in Cuba due to the relationship with Spain has relieved suffering to many Cubans.

        Kind regards

    • Rayarena, I live in Madrid and… sadly… yes (among some people) there is some kind of love affair with Castro (I hope he is paying in hell for all the tears dropped) and that son of a bitch named Ernesto Guevara. However most of the Spaniards don’t like them at all. In Madrid these communists are clearly a minority. The problem being is there are some very noisy activists (specially in Lavapiés). This neighbourhood is a difficult one. I was nearly killed some years ago when I tried to defend a young girl from two guys from North Africa. But in the same manner NY does not represent the US, this neighbourhood does not represent Spain and it does not represent Madrid at all.

      I hope the Apulu guys, at least, have got a good free advertising! I’ll visit them next time I visit Lavapiés.

      As vice mayor Villacís said after the assault:

      ¡ Patria y Vida !

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