Cuban child denied urgent care at pediatric hospital

Hospital Pediátrico Docente de San Miguel del Padrón, Havana

From our Bureau of Latrine American Medical Powerhouses Envied By The Third World And Admired By Leftists Everywhere Else

Castrogonia boasts of being a “medical powerhouse.” Billions of fools around the world believe this Big Lie, and constantly heap praise on the totalitarian hellhole for its “free” medical care.

Here is a story that reveals the true nature of that “free” medical care. This story is not exceptional. What happened to this mother and child is normal. This is the kind of abuse and negligence that is one of the chief features of healthcare in Castrogonia.

Curiously, the mother’s Facebook post — in which she related this account of medical malfeasance — has vanished.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Cuba’s “medical power” continues to do its thing. This time, it fell to a mother to deal with the usual lack of empathy and pain that abounds in the island’s institutions.

Identified on Facebook as Rebecca Bembó, the woman reported that on April 11, she urgently went with her son to the pediatric hospital located in San Miguel del Padrón, in Havana. There, as always, they gave her absurd answers to assure her that they would not attend to her.

“For the third time I bring my son for an emergency to the pediatric hospital of San Miguel del Padrón, where they send me to the medical post to seek a referral. I inform the colleague that it is not follow-up by consultation; What my son needs is an emergency”, the mother began by saying.

But in the “medical power”, although there are no medicines or ambulances, what there is in abundance are absurd excuses.

“He tells me not to dial because he is not going to attend to me. I go to the address of the same polyclinic to see what answer they give me and the one I receive is that they are meeting with the colleagues from the province ”.

Naturally, the woman was enraged because it turned out that because of that “meeting”, they were putting the little boy’s life in danger. Rebecca had no choice but to expose her bitter situation.

“What medical power are we talking about in Cuba? You go to an institution to be treated like animals, and not be able to receive medical attention. How far will this country’s lack of respect and professional ethics go? ”, She remarked.

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