Prisoners Defenders releases information on Cuba’s 1,066 political prisoners

Abridged and loosely translated from Prisoners Defenders. Whole Report HERE in Spanish:

Prisoners Defenders has been able to verify a list of 1,066 political prisoners as of 03/31/2023. Of the 1,066 political prisoners:

  • There are still 29 boys and 4 girls on the list, a total of 33 minors, who are still serving sentences (29 of them) or are being criminally prosecuted (4 of them). It must be taken into account that this high figure, however, does not include many other children who have already left the list for having fully served their sentences. A good part of the minors are found in prisons, presumably for minors, but they are completely penitentiary centers that are euphemistically called “Comprehensive Training Schools.”
  • 17 of the minors mentioned are being prosecuted or have already been sentenced for “Sedition”. The average sentence for these minors convicted of sedition is 5 years in prison, an average punishment higher than that suffered by adults in political prison before #11J.
  • From our current list, 204 protesters have been charged with sedition and at least 202 have already been sentenced to an average of 10 years in prison each.
  • With the entry into prison of 4 women this month, there are already at least 120 women (including several of the transgender gender) who are prisoners of conscience, with long sentences. All trans women in prison of conscience have been and are incarcerated among men, which also happens with common prisoners of trans identity, suffering situations, among men, indescribable for their sexual condition.

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