Deportation flights to begin again, Cuba wants only two flights per month

From our Bureau of Painful Accords and Puzzling Calculations

This is the first accord to be made public after the U.S. and Castro, Inc. met last Wednesday in Washington, D.C., ostensibly to discuss migration issues.

Since the number of Cubans who entered the U.S. through Mexico last year was around 300,000, two deportation flights per month seem puzzling. Is this some sort of cruel joke?

At the proposed rate, it will take many years to send back over a quarter million Cubans. Since a Boeing 727 only has about 120 seats, this means that only 240 Cubans can be deported per month. That’s only2,880 per year. At such a rate it will take 104 years to deport all 300,000 Cubans.

Obviously, this means that the real plan is for the U.S. to grant asylum to the vast majority of those who entered the U.S. Score another win for Castro, Inc. Increasing the number of Cubans in the diaspora means increasing the number of remittances and gifts from abroad,

Loosely translated from Marti Noticias

Havana announced on Friday that it plans to resume deportation flights from the United States before the end of Title 42, on May 11, and Washington said that from now on, intercepted migrants who do not qualify for an asylum case, ” they will be subject to a five-year ban” in order to re-enter US territory.

Cuban Vice Foreign Minister Carlos Fernández de Cossío, in statements to the Associated Press, described as “fruitful” a meeting with the United States that took place on Wednesday of this week to discuss migration and this specific issue.

“We have a common understanding, both parties, the United States and Cuba, about the nature of the problem,” the Cuban official declared.

Fernández de Cossío said that so far the frequency of these flights has not been agreed and that it will depend on the capacity of both nations. However, he suggested that “there is no reason not to return to pre-pandemic levels of two a month.”

The last of these flights took place in December 2020.

“We will see if we can get one (deportation flight) in the coming weeks and regularize it so that people can be easily deported, not to Mexico, but directly to Cuba,” the Cuban official suggested.

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