Oligarchy gossip tidbit of the day: Cuba’s sleazy Prime Minister has a new girlfriend


From our Bureau of Tawdry Gossip About Leftist Latrine American Oligarchs Who Are Grossly Obese

Castro, Inc.’s Prime Minister apparently has a reputation for being a “womanizer”, an arcane euphemism for sexual predator. Cuba’s gossip-sphere (Radio Bemba) is all atwitter over his latest conquest, a much younger woman.

Marrero is married. But last year he had a huge fight with his wife which became violent and he ended up with a broken wrist. The fight was apparently over one of Castro, Inc.’s hotels, ownership of which he had apparently promised to his wife,

Rumor has it that when Marrero’s security guards finally knocked down the door to the room where this fight was taking place, they found the Prime Minister on the floor shielding his head with his arm and his wife pummeling him with a chair leg, saying: “This hotel is mine! You promised me! It’s my precious jewel! Mine! This doesn’t belong to GAESA, it’s mine! MINE!

Lovely folk, these sleazy Castronoids. So lovely. They view all of Cuba as theirs, exclusively, and give their wives and girlfriends hotels as if they were boxes of chocolate. Are any of these stories true? Who knows, who cares? There is some delight in seeing monsters like Marrero besmirched by gossip. If nothing else, such gossiping proves that there is at least one are of the public sphere where Cubans can express their contempt for their dictatorship freely.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

They say that love has no respect for age, advice, or logic, but if it is about gossip, new couples, adulteries, etc. there you have me! Sergio Prado, the King of Chuchuch (gossip) assures this story is 100 percent true, and it involves the very stout Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz.

It turns out that Marrero, who has a reputation as a womanizer – if the receptionists, waitresses and secretaries who suffered his sexual harassment in Holguín will know – apparently he has found happiness, love, in a young and beautiful girl.

Cupid has been in charge, apparently, of arrowing this relationship between Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and the young Yadira Ramírez Morera, who, according to her Facebook profile, lives in Marianao, Havana.

A worker from the Marianao Civil Registry, in exchange for a phone recharge, has provided us with the data of the aforementioned.

Yadira Ramirez Morera lives on Calle “X”, number 3918 between 39 and 41, in Marianao, Havana, Cuba. The young woman has the Identity Card no. 841120XXXXX, so her date of birth is November 20, 1984.

That is, she is 39 years old. Very well done, by the way. The young woman looks beautiful and slender.

Marrero, on the contrary, is 59, so when she turns 40, she can sing that which says “40 and 20…”, sorry, 40 and 60.

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