Awww . . . Cuba’s fake president waxes poetic about his love for his wife and children

Socialist lovebirds

From our Bureau of Socialist True Romance with some assistance from our Bureau of Romances Made in Hell

Hot damn! When all is said and done, Trucutú Díaz-Canel, Cuba’s chief repressor, is a romantic.

And that romantic relationship with his second wife is anchored in their mutual commitment to socialist principles.

Is there any other kind of love that could be more beautiful or redeeming? Where else on earth could a First Lady call her husband “dictator of my heart”?

Aaah, who could be hard-hearted enough not to be moved to tears by these affirmations of genuine Socialist love?

Maybe the eleven million Cubans repressed by this monster and those who control him?

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The designated president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who is on his way to being appointed for another five years at the helm of the Castro regime, confessed intimate details of his life during an interview with the Arabic channel Al Mayadeen that was broadcast on Cuban television.

According to Raúl Castro’s successor, he has a “very intense relationship” with his wife Lis Cuesta, who denies being called first lady, although she does not miss a trip abroad where she performs protocol functions as such. .

I have a love relationship, true love, which also gives us responsibilities with the family. I think that Lis is a bit the center of the family, the one that welcomes everyone’s problems, friends, boys, grandchildren… And she has an ability to reach out to everyone and make up for one’s absences.” , explained the 62-year-old leader.

He qualifies Cuesta as “a friend and a companion in the fight, with revolutionary ideas, they are people with a very critical sense of everything that is done, very perceptive, both in their professional work and in the assessments they make of my work.” , of the things that we also do…”.

For both, the current relationship comes after divorces with the people with whom they had children. However, the first secretary of the Communist Party (PCC) says that the families of both get along very well. “We have the habit, at least on Sundays, of getting together as a family (…) We are a very close family, where the best time we spend is when we are together.”

On Sundays, his three children come to his house, with their families, their partners, with their grandchildren, their grandmothers, their brothers, their partners and their children, and also several friends. “It is a time to share, to talk, it is a time for all of us to give each other strength”, explains the man from Santa Clara.

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  1. They represent shameless, cynical illegitimacy, which simply reflects the system. It’s nothing new.

  2. These dude who I am related to, is the son of a guajirito. My father gave his father the first job he ever had. What a primo who I don’t know personally to have. As Humberto Fontova would say, le ronca!

  3. As for the faux president’s socioeconomic background, it makes little or no difference. There have been “revolutionary” figures as bad and worse from better backgrounds.

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