Happy Sunday! Nicaraguan dictatorship expels nuns who cared for elderly

Three nuns who were running a home for the elderly expelled by Nicaragua’s dictatorship

From our Bureau of Socialist Tolerance, Compassion, and Social Justice

Ay! Nothing but bad news from Nicaragua lately. With every passing day, the Central American nation comes ever closer to mirroring Cuba, the ultimate Latrine American totalitarian hellhole.

Three nuns who cared for the elderly were suddenly expelled from Nicaragua. No details on the reason for this expulsion have been made public. Obviously, these nuns have somehow irked dictator Daniel Ortega.

Of course, Castro, Inc. is ultimately responsible for all these attacks on freedom, human rights, and all things decent.

Loosely translated from Catholic News Agency

In a new attack against the Catholic Church, the dictatorship of President Daniel Ortega expelled from Nicaragua three nuns who were running a home for the elderly.

According to Nicaraguan media 100% Noticias, the dictatorial regime expelled Costa Rican siblings Sister Isabel and Sister Cecilia and Guatemalan Sister Teresa, who were given 72 hours to leave the country.

The Nicaraguan General Directorate for Migration and Foreigners began issuing summons to various religious and foreign missionaries in late February.

According to 100% Noticias, new requirements are being demanded of such religious to remain in the country.

The nuns were in charge of the López Carazo nursing home in the city of Rivas in the Diocese of Granada, whose bishop, Jorge Solórzano, was reportedly notified by the dictatorship of the expulsion.

Neither the bishop nor the diocese have issued any statement on the matter.

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