Lacking brooms, Cuban dictatorship has volunteers sweep streets with tree branches

While the communist Castro regime has money for luxury resorts serving foreigners enjoying Cuba’s apartheid tourism industry, it doesn’t have enough money for brooms.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Residents of Pinar del Rio are showing they understand the concept of “creative resistance” promoted by president Migual Diaz-Canel, substituting tree branches for brooms on Sunday.

“Resist with creativity” has surely become the slogan for voluntary work at the Hernamos Cruz Popular Council, where due to the lack of brooms, they are sweeping the streets with three branches as seen in a Facebook post originally posted by TelePinar.

“In Pinar del Rio they’ve come to the conclusion that in order to sweep, you don’t need a broom […] With the participation of the Municipal Sports Directorate and the Hermanos Cruz and Guama Sports Combine, without resources, they have said ‘yes’ to the revolution that took it away from them,” said one user sarcastically who goes by the name Edmundo Dantes Junior.

Of course, the Castro dictatorship is attempting to spin this depressing display as some sort of revolutionary victory, but the truth is, it’s just another example of the third-world misery Cubans suffer through daily. This is socialism in action.