Cuban hotels nominated for World Travel Awards (but only within Cuba, not regionally or worldwide)

From our Bureau of Paltry Meaningless Prizes and Big Lies in Apartheid Tourism

Wow! Such a shock! Who could have ever imagined that any of Castro, Inc’s apartheid hotels would be nominated for a prize, much less deserve any. And who could have ever imagined that Cuba’s Ministry of Truth would exaggerate the significance of any such nomination.

Prensa Latina, a propaganda rag aimed at Latrine America and leftists worldwide, proudly announced today that six of Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels have been nominated for World Travel Awards. Tres Fotutos was stunned to see this announcement from Castro, Inc.’s The Ministry of Truth, so he went straight to the World Travel Awards website to see if this was actually true.

And guess what? Castro, Inc. is exaggerating so much that their announcement borders on lying.

Under the regional subdivision of “The Caribbean”, NOT A SINGLE CUBAN HOTEL appears in any of the many categories listed in that website. You can check it out yourself HERE.

This means that Castro, Inc.’s hotels fail miserably in comparison to other facilities throughout the Caribbean.

The six hotels nominated for prizes are under the country category of Cuba. All the nominations mean, then, is that those six seem to be the best in Cuba.

Voting on these nominations takes place on the World Travel Awards website. Apparently, anyone who registers within that website can vote. Naturally, this means that drones from the Ministry of Truth will select the winners in the Cuba category.

The only nominations received by Castro, Inc. under the regional Caribbean category were for Cubana Airlines. God only knows why. Cuba itself was also nominated as a leading “cultural destination.” Yeah, a crumbling labyrinth of ruins that is nothing more than a human zoo full of starving repressed savages.

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  1. No matter how poor all the hotels in Cuba may be, there would always be some better than others, so yes, one could always rank them against each other and “award” the top 5 or 6 as the “best.” It’s a bad joke.

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