While Cubans on the island wait in long lines for gas, Castro spy released by Obama skips them

Back home after Obama’s disastrous Cuba policy granted his unjust release from a U.S. prison, Castro spy Rene Gonzalez is now a member of the Communist Party elite, which means he doesn’t have to suffer like everyone else. Captured on video in Cuba during the early morning hours, Gonzalez can be seen filling up his car with gas along with another portable tank.

Gasoline shortages are plaguing the entire island with Cubans waiting in long lines for gas that extend for several blocks and can take days. However, as is always the case under socialism, some animals are more equal than others.

Via Periodico Cubano (my translation):

Spy Rene Gonzalez captured on video skipping lines and getting gasoline in the early morning hours

Spy Rene Gonzalez couldn’t escape the camera and was caught in the early morning hours before the lines began filling up his car with gas. In a video exclusive from journalist Mario Vallejo, the moment was captured when Gonzalez, after filling up the tank of his car, also filled another tank he was carrying in the trunk of his vehicle.

The easy life enjoyed by representatives of the Cuban dictatorship contrast with the hardships suffered by typical Cubans, who across the entire country have to sit in lines that extend for several blocks to get gas.

The post with Vallejo’s video has almost 2,000 comments. People are repudiating the communist and the regime, who they say are the ones that are “giving the example of hoarding. And there’s no gas for public transportation for those of us who go to work on buses. These are the real communists.” said one comment. Another wrote: “Things like this have to be recorded so we have proof later on. I spent six days in a line, sleeping there, and since my gas tank is small I was only able to buy 17 liters while they get to fill their car’s tank plus another plastic tank.”

What we do know is that the gasoline crisis in Cuba has been going on for a long while now, and islanders have been struggling not only with transportation, but also with the lack of electricity in their homes as well as all other aspects of their daily lives. However, judging by recent images of the so-called “hero,” and everything that is known about how the dictatorship functions, the limitations don’t apply to everyone.

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