Cubans living in rice-producing Camagüey stand for hours in line for rice

Thanks to the glorious achievements of the socialist revolution, even the products your province produces are in short supply in communist Cuba. This is socialism in action.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Long lines form since dawn to buy rice in Camagüey, a producing province

A long line to buy rice formed on Thursday at the market known as “El Grocery de la Caridad” in the main town of Camagüey, a province that produces the grain.

“I’ve been in line since 4:30 AM to be able to buy. It’s been like three days since the rice ran out at home,” said 75-year-old Elena to Diario de Cuba. “I don’t have the luxury of paying 150 and 160 pesos a pound on the street.”

According to some standing in the line, the State announced the sale “by the pound,” but according to government officials in charge of controlling the distribution, each person will be limited to 10 pounds at 72 pesos each.

Maria has two small children at home, and after eight hours of standing in line, the possibility of being able to buy rice looked bleak. “I got here at 6 AM and it’s almost 2 PM and they haven’t sold anything. I have my kids at home alone and nothing to give them to eat,” she complained.

Some who asked to remain anonymous said that they asked the officials controlling the line why they weren’t distributing it through grocery stores, as they do with the other products in the ration book. The response was there was not enough to give to everyone.

“That’s after they went on television in Camagüey to say they were ‘distributing rice.’ Cheap triumphalism,” one of them said.

In recent years, rice production in Camagüey has dropped drastically, as it has done throughout the country, due to the lack of fertilizers, chemicals, and other supplies.

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  1. They should accept reality: it’s NOT about them and never was; it’s about the ruling class and its needs.

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