Cuban exiles confront daughter of freed ‘Cuban Five’ spy in Spain, where she enjoys privileged life

Lizbeth Labañino and her daddy Ramón

From our Bureau of Cubans Who Are More Equal Than Others with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice

Ha! Another privileged Castronoid has been ambushed by Cuban exiles in Europe. As often happens at such events, the ambushed Castronoid fled the scene as quickly as possible in her Mercedes Benz. See video above.

Aaaah, how wonderful it is to be the child of a murderous oligarch! You not only enjoy all sorts of privileges in Cuba, but also get to travel freely and study abroad.

Socialism in action!

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

Lizbeth, daughter of the Cuban spy Ramón Labañino, has been confronted by Cuban activists in Spain, where she lives surrounded by privileges.

The young woman was caught leaving the International University of Andalusia where she is apparently studying. When questioned by the Cuban women, she was shocked and did not know how to react.

One of the women who confronted her is the dissident Iliana Hernández, who shared the video on social networks to unmask the life of luxuries and privileges enjoyed by the Castro leadership. The young woman is not only studying at one of the most prestigious Spanish universities, but a Mercedes Benz car was waiting for her at her disposal.

When asked if she was Labañino’s daughter, she hesitated,, but eventually admitted it. The activists then asked her:: “What do you think of the situation in Cuba?” To which the young woman replies: “And who are you?”

The opponents of the Castro dictatorship kept asking her questions, for they wanted to know what the young psychologist thought about the political prisoners in Cuba and what she thought of her own freedom. These questions remained unanswered, as Labañino got into her Mercedes Benz and drove away.

Ramón’s daughter, physically very similar to him, has a degree in Psychology and is a professor of Cognitive Processes at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Havana. In addition, she works as a professor of General Psychology at the Faculty of Communication, in their Information Sciences program.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. What’s a constant source of frustration for me is how blatant the regime honchos are and yet they have so many defenders in the halls of congress, the mainstream media and Hollywood. They call us the “batistianos,” “latifundistas,” the “Miami Mafia” and “Fascistas” yet, they are the epitome of everything they call us. They gaslight us and blame-shift like there’s no tomorrow. Lord have mercy! No shame whatsoever. NO wonder the regime is never going to fall. You think someone like that fat girl’s father is going to give up his privileges?

  2. The father is a “star” minion who’s naturally going to milk that for all it’s worth. This is entirely typical.

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