Shocking! Cuba fourth on list of countries with most devalued currency

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The only shocking aspect of this news story is that Cuba is fourth rather than first on the list of crappiest currencies in the world.

C’mon, Castro, Inc., get to it, go for first place. What’s wrong with you slackers? Are you going to allow the Zimbabwean dollar to stay in first place? How can you allow your colony of Venenozuela claim second place? Have you no sense of honor, no national pride?

From World Nation News

Professor Steve Hanke, an economist at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, informed through a report on Twitter, the updated status for March 2023, of several currencies devalued against the US dollar this year and it came as no surprise.

According to Hanke, “Since January 2022, the Cuban peso has lost 61% of its value against the dollar. Cuba ranks fourth on Hanke’s CurrencyWatchlist this week. The communist regime has destroyed the value of the Cuban peso”.

Los data Calculated by this analyst, indicate that this list is led by the Zimbabwean dollar, followed by the Venezuelan bolivar, which has lost more than 80% of its value against the US currency since January, and in third place is the Lebanese pound. Then Cuba would follow when the dollar on average costs over 185 pesos in the informal market.

In Latin America, behind Cuba, follows Argentina, in tenth place, with a devaluation of over 46% against the dollar. Venezuela, Cuba and Argentina are the only three countries on the continent that find themselves in this situation. The rest of the nations with currency crises are mostly African or Middle Eastern.

It is no secret that in recent decades the Cuban peso has undergone a significant devaluation against the US dollar, especially after the failed “economic order” policy that caused unlimited inflation on the island. This phenomenon has generated various economic and social consequences for the island, in the midst of a migration and social crisis of all kinds.

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  1. If the 1990’s were a special period during a time of peace, then the 2020’s must be a super special period. Things just keep getting better and better.

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