Biden admin involved in Colombia’s forced expulsion of Venezuelan opposition leader

While it’s no surprise the Biden administration aided Colombia’s Marxist president Gustavo Petro in finding and expelling Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido to Miami, it’s no less abhorrent.

Antonio Maria Delgado reports via (emphasis mine):

The Colombian government deported Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó late on Monday, saying he had entered the country illegally, and put him on a commercial flight bound for Miami after being told by a high-ranking U.S. official of his whereabouts, Colombia’s foreign minister said.

The opposition leader, who arrived in Miami early Tuesday morning, had entered Colombia hoping to meet with some of the delegations sent to Bogotá to participate in a diplomatic summit organized by leftist Colombian President Gustavo Petro to discuss the crisis in Venezuela.

But Guaidó entered Colombia without going through regular immigration channels, which prompted local officials to start searching for him, Colombian Foreign Minister Álvaro Leyva told reporters.

“We knew he was here because of all the noise he was making, that he was going to stage a protest. … Naturally, immigration set out to find out what had happened. Finally, it came to be known from a high-ranking U.S. official where he was, which allowed immigration to reach him,” Leyva said. Guaido was then taken to El Dorado International Airport.

The opposition leader was accompanied to the airport by U.S. officials and the air fare was paid by the United States, Leyva said, stressing that Colombia needed to place Guaidó in a plane out of Colombia because they had to enforce the law and that the United States helped because they did not want to see the Bogotá gathering disrupted.

Leyva’s comments were a different version of events from the account given by Petro, who hours earlier had denied that Guaidó had been forced to leave Colombia.

“Mr. Guaidó was not expelled,” Petro said on Twitter. “it is better that lies do not appear in politics. Mr. Guaidó had an agreement to travel to the US. We allow it for humanitarian reasons despite the illegal entry into the country.”

Not only did the U.S. give the Petro government the location of Guaido, it was U.S. officials who escorted the Venezuelan opposition leader to the airport and bought him an airline ticket to Miami. It appears Biden is continuing with the abominable policy of keeping Venezuela’s Maduro in power and appeasing Colombia’s Marxist president, Gustavo Petro, an ally of the murderous Venezuelan dictator.

Once again, we see Biden siding with leftist despots and wannabe communist dictators in their efforts to quash freedom and democracy in Latin America.