Fuel shortages forces Cuban dictatorship to cancel May Day parade

Thanks to its corruption, mismanagement, and ineptitude (aka Socialism), the communist Castro dictatorship won’t be holding its usual May Day parade this May 1st in Havana.

Via The Star:

The Cuban authorities have canceled the traditional parade at the Revolution Square on the International Workers’ Day this year.

The authorities cited economic problems and shortage of fuel supplies, General Secretary of the Workers’ Central Union of Cuba Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento said.

“First of all, the difficult economic situation facing our country, and, in particular, restrictions on fuel supplies have forced us to reformulate the original concept of celebrating the International Workers’ Day on May 1, preserving it, but in conditions of rationality and maximum rigor,” the union’s chief said during a speech, broadcast by the Caribe TV channel on Tuesday.

At the same time, walking demonstrations of Cuban workers will still take place on Havana’s promenade Malecon on May 1, the official added.

Fuel shortages that have plagued the island for months have not left enough gasoline and diesel to bus in the thousands of Cubans who are forced to participate in this celebration of oppression and misery. So instead of embarrassing themselves before international media, they’d rather just cancel the whole thing. As they like to say, ¡Viva la Revolucion!

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