Cuban man spends 7 days waiting in line for gasoline only to be told fuel is only for tourists

Gas line in Pinar del Rio, Cuba, 25 April 2023

From our Bureau of Perfectly Acceptable Socialist Discrimination Policies (aka “social justice”)

Remember when the whole world ganged up on South Africa because of its apartheid policies? Yes, if you’re over 40, you certainly do. If you’re younger you might have read about it, or learned about in school. Traveling to South Africa, or doing business with it came to be considered a moral failure equivalent to a crime.

Question of the day: Why does the world find Castro, Inc.’s apartheid so acceptable? In fact, Cuban apartheid exists solely because millions of tourists visit the island.

Fuel for tourists only. And if you want to see how long the gas lines have become in Cuba and how empty the streets are, go HERE for some photos and a shocking video.

Loosely translated from Cuballama

A Cuban man denounced on social networks that after spending a week in line at a gas station located on the Havana-Pinar del Río highway, when the fuel came in, the managers of the service center informed the drivers that they could only sell to tourists.

“Dear friends, here at Cupet 27 1/2 on the highway, after 7 days of waiting, a Paila with more than 30,000 liters of special gasoline enters and they say it is for tourism,” the Internet user published in the Facebook group. Where there is fuel (Gasoline and Oil)”.

Identified as Aye Andy, the man added that Cubans are a “shit person,” and shared a photo of the long line of cars waiting to fill up their tanks in the middle of the highway.

“What is the use of having the status of Cuban citizen when the tourist has the right to everything and it should be the other way around,” asked a woman outraged by the situation.

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  1. Gas is for tourists because the regime needs their money to stay in power, which is FAR more important than the needs of ordinary Cubans. This has been clear for a long time, so it’s hardly a surprise.

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