Slide show: No amusement for you! The death of Cuba’s Lenin Park

Back when Cuba was a colony of the Soviet Union, Castro, Inc. built an amusement park about 12 miles south of Havana. As was only appropriate, Castro, Inc.’s pathetic version of Disneyland was named Lenin Park.

The park is now in ruins, a decaying monument to Castro, Inc.’s total failure. And Lenin himself is looking very dirty and forlorn.

2 thoughts on “Slide show: No amusement for you! The death of Cuba’s Lenin Park”

  1. In the 1950’s, there used to be an amusement park in Havana [not 12 miles out of the city] named after the famed NYC landmark amusement park, Coney Island. It had a wonderful wooden roller coaster [there a few left in the world] so it would have been a landmark if taken care of, a ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, cotton candy stands, etc..etc… of course, the megalomaniacal beast who was only interested in his own personal edification let it fall apart. Not surprised that that shitty Lenin Park fell apart too. The regime doesn’t give a rat’s tail about the masses. Whereas a normal country understands that its population needs public spaces of amusement and leisure, the regime doesn’t care about the masses. This total disregard for Cubans was established by the beast himself who despised Cubans and has become entrenched.

  2. A children’s park named after Lenin. Why not after Stalin or Mao? Talk about grotesque impropriety and abject servility. It is now simply a junk yard or scrap metal heap. Excellent metaphor for Castrogonia.

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