Surprise! Biden Treasury Dept. approves car, truck, bus, and tractor exports to Cuba

From our Bureau of Krakens with some assistance from our Bureau of Ridiculously Porous Blockades

Ha! It’s happening. The Kraken has been released! Obamapalooza 2.0 has begun!

It’s Christmas in May for Castro, Inc. As expected, the “blockade” is being lifted. Jar-Jar Biden’s administration is allowing “self-employed” Cubans to purchase vehicles from U.S. dealers. No word yet on whether credit will be extended.

Pay no attention to the “self employed” restriction. That’s a total fiction. Anyone who knows how Castro, Inc. works knows how good it is at cheating and falsifying and covering up its monopolistic chokehold on all business in Cuba. Yes, Castro, Inc. is an expert at profiting from anything that enters the island, as well as any enterprise that falls under the rubric of private businesses (Mipymes).

Castro, Inc.’s acronym-camouflaged enterprises, especially its behemoth GAESA is in for windfall profits from this loosening of the “blockade”. The dictatorship is expected to slap a 30% tax on all sales. And that’s just for starters. Once this Kraken is loose, God only knows how many ways of cheating and profiting it will be able to devise.

Castro, Inc. will most probably set up dummy vehicle dealerships in Miami and elsewhere, run by its agents. And if credit is granted, guess who’ll be paying for these vehicles?

Ay, Mami . . .! Santa mierda de los puercos de la tierra de los Gadarenos (Mateo, 8:28-34) !!!!!

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

Another little gift from the Democratic administration of Joe Biden to the Cuban dictatorship has been announced by the Treasury Department.

Miami businessmen will be able to export automobiles to the Island, on the condition that the beneficiaries are self-employed workers.

The Treasury Department, through its Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), purportedly excludes agents of the regime.

Only the aforementioned self-employed or owners of micro, small and medium private companies (Mipymes), will be able to access the cars.

Apparently, the provision is beneficial, because in addition to cars (used and new), farmers will be able to have tractors for their crops.

The other point is that the pretext of the “blockade”, vaunted for more than half a century by the Castro gerontocracy, is once again thrown to the ground.

Medicines, chicken, household appliances, power plants, food, and now automobiles enter Cuba from the “empire.”

So far, everything seems fine, however…

Many warn that the Castro dictatorship would pocket 30% of the value of the vehicle, with the required documentation and taxes.

Another question is that children, grandchildren and other close relatives of Grupo de Administración Empresarial S.A. (GAESA), would be the true beneficiaries.

GAESA is a dynasty owned by the Revolutionary Armed Forces, and is considered the wealthiest anti-capitalist consortium in Latin America.

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  1. #0BAMAISACANCER with the help of his minions, Valarie Jarret and Susan Rice, are calling the shots. SECSTATE Antony Blinken is the errand boy in this deal through the Treasury Department. American commies helping Cuban commies break circumvent American laws.

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