Pro-Castro Cuban radio host in Miami threatens Castro regime with exposing his ’20 years of collaboration’

It’s no surprise to anyone in Miami that Edmundo Garcia is in the service of the communist Castro dictatorship. Practically everyone in South Florida is convinced the melodramatic radio host and staunch defender of the Castro dictatorship is an agent of the regime. Nevertheless, due to some odd disagreement with the Castro dictatorship, he is now threatening them with exposing the 20 years he has collaborated with Havana here in the U.S.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Edmundo Garcia threatens the Cuban regime with exposing his ’20 years of collaboration’

Journalist Edmundo Garcia came out of oblivion to threaten the Cuban regime with exposing his collaboration as a Castro agent in Miami throughout 20 years.

In a video broadcast by the U.S. television network Amerca TeVe from his Instagram account, the journalist demands that State Security expel an individual, allegedly a doctor named Ernesto Cordovi, from the Cuban Communist Party. The Castro spokesperson also demanded that the medical degrees of Cordovi and another person be rescinded.

“Or I stand here and talk about the 20 years of collaboration. I will stand here and do it. Don’t complain later, the message has been sent. Don’t complain about it later,” said the Cuban regime’s spokesman in Miami.

“And I’ll incriminate myself, let the FBI come down on me,” he promised. His words imply that the pro-Castro journalist did more than defend the regime in Miami and may have violated the laws of the U.S., where he lives.

“And to trial and to the media. Let Troy burn,” Garcia threatened.

It’s not the first time Edmundo Garcia has given an ultimatum to the Cuban regime, his employer, who it seems has relegated him to oblivion. In 2021, his threats were more dramatic and if he would’ve gone through with them, he wouldn’t be here today.

Two years ago he said he was going to commit suicide live on his YouTube channel, “The Afternoon moves,” unless MIguel Diaz-Canel publicly restored his “principles.”

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  1. Headline seen on page 29 of local Florida newspapers:
    Edmundo Garcia passed away quietly in his home. Cause of death unknown.

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