Cuba claims one million tourists in first four months of 2023, half of them Canadian

superior beings enjoying their superiority

From our Bureau of Perfectly Acceptable and Laudable Apartheid with some assistance from our Bureau of Cretins Without Consciences

As ever, Canadian tourists have shown great enthusiasm for funding the repressive machinery of Castro, Inc. at a much higher rate than citizens of any other nation on earth.

Way to go, Canada. Keep ’em coming. Every penny you spend in Cuba goes into the pockets of the military junta that rules the island.

Keep apartheid alive! Superior beings deserve to enjoy their superiority. Never mind the fact that most Cubans would love to flee from the island. Never mind the shortages, repression, and destitution of the natives. They are there to serve you and affirm your superiority.

Come on down and kiss a mammy !

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

Cuba needed more than four months from 2023 to reach the figure of one million tourists, which is below the theoretical level that should be reached to meet the government goal of 3.5 million visitors at the end of the current year, according to statements. the minister of the sector, Juan Carlos García Granda.

During the celebration of the International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2023) in Havana, the head of that ministry presented the figure as an achievement, since the country “is headed towards recovery” after the Covid-19 pandemic, but Despite “obstacles and limitations” he admitted that to date they should have registered between 1.2 or 1.4 million

Canada continues to be the main supplier of tourists to Cuba, being responsible for almost half of the visitors, which shows a dangerous dependence on that market. However, the official figures published so far show that only 80% of the Canadians who traveled in the same stage of 2019, the year prior to the pandemic, have arrived in Cuba.

The strategy of the Cuban regime is to diversify the sources of tourism, but it is difficult to promote the destination Cuba when the government only produces negative news, for example, reflecting the energy crisis with huge lines to sell gasoline, in addition to a food deficit that was not seen since the Special Period of the 1990s.

China seems to be the new target for the Mintur authorities. During FITCuba 2023, García Granda handed over the title of Promotional Ambassador of Cuba Única in the People’s Republic of China to Huo Yao Fei, a great ally of the regime in promoting Cuban tourism in China.

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  1. The background looks totally like a Hollywood movie set, as in Potemkin village. These tourists are SCUM, except for Canadia tourists, who are lower than scum, and who are virtually certainly Trudeau voters.

  2. Canadians vacation in Cuba from Jan to April just to get away from the Canadian winter. They are being frugal in going to Cuba as opposed to Florida or Jamaica or Cancun. Frugal in that they cannot spend because there is very little of value in Cuba. I think it is good education for them to see in Cuba what awaits Canada if they continue in their communist path.

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