Cuban dictatorship claims Caimanera protest was merely a street party disrupted by drunkards

From our Bureau of Poorly Disguised Lies with some assistance from our Bureau of Civic-Minded Flying Monkeys

Ha! According to Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth one of the largest outdoor protests since July 11 2021 was nothing more than a street party ruined by three drunkards who were quickly restrained by their neighbors.

Yeah, sure. And the three drunks were restrained by the flying monkeys that flew out of their own asses.

Abridged and loosely translated from CiberCuba

The Cuban regime blamed three alleged drunkards for the massive anti-government protest unleashed on Saturday night in Caimanera, Guantánamo, which were violently repressed by forces from the Ministry of the Interior (MININT).

Lázaro Castellanos Matos, a member of the Municipal Bureau of the Caimanera Party, assured that the demonstration began with three individuals who were drunk.

“Total tranquility in the streets of the first anti-imperialist trench, Caimanera. The people’s response will always be in defense of the homeland and citizen tranquility as a conquest of the revolution,” he said on Facebook.

The journalist Miguel Reyes Mendoza, known as Miguel Noticias, also blamed three individuals who were drinking alcohol for the massive demonstration.

“We learned from official sources and authorities of the Caimanera territory that three people who were consuming alcoholic beverages began to demonstrate against the Cuban government in the municipality, later joined by others who also openly expressed their dissatisfaction and population needs that have not been met. systematically and others that require attention,” he said on Facebook.

“Others used the context to manipulate the situation through the media,” added the reporter, who also limited comments on the post after the extensive criticism it received.

The Ministry of Truth tweeted its version of events, saying: “In the municipality of Caimanera there was indiscipline at a public party by drunk people. The population contributed to restore order, for several hours there has been calm in the town.”