Five Cubans have been disappeared after massive protests in Guantanamo, Cuba

Five Cubans who participated in a peaceful protest that rocked the small Guantanamo town of Caimanera on Saturday night have been disappeared by the communist regime. The demonstration was violently quashed after the Castro dictatorship deployed special forces to the town.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

“Five Cubans are currently missing due to the actions of the regime,” denounced the non-governmental legal services organization Cubalex, which referred to the detention of protesters in Caimanera as forced disappearance.

The names of those missing are Yandris Pelier Matos, brothers Felipe Correa Martinez and Luis Miguel Alarcon Martinez, and also brothers Rodi and Daniel Alvarez Gonzalez, according to information published by activist Yosmany Mayeta Labrada.

Mayeta Labrada shared photos and names of the detainees on his Facebook profile.

“In a conversation with Yeris Curbelo Aguilera, a Cuban opposition member who resides in Caimanera, he said the municipality remains completely militarized at this time. I will be identifying the other detainees and updating any additional information that comes in,” he added.

Cubans took to the streets on Saturday night in Caimanera, Guantanamo, to protest against their dire situation, gathering in front of the Municipal Government and Communist Party headquarters.

Videos posted showed the violent response by military personnel against the protesters, including women. Shouts of “Long Live a Free Cuba”; “Patria y Vida” and “Long live human rights!” could be heard.

Forced disappearances are common in communist Cuba, and weeks can go by before family members hear any word on the whereabouts and condition of their loved ones. It is a tactic used by the Castro regime to both quell dissent by removing dissidents completely from the public as well as terrorize the population by sending the message that they or a loved one may be the next victim of a forced disappearance.

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