Cuban dictatorship admits 60% of its ambulances are kaput, no remedy in sight

From our Bureau of Socialist Emergency Services with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Blame-Shifting

Wow. You know that if Castro, Inc. admits that there is a severe ambulance shortage, the real crisis is much worse than it dares to admit. What’s the real percentage of ambulances out of service? Good luck finding out. Chances are that highly dysfunctional Castro, Inc. doesn’t even keep track of how many ambulances are unusable or irreparable.

Add a fuel crisis to this dire situation, and your chances of being whisked to a hospital during an emergency are pretty slim in Cuba. And if you do get to a hospital, good luck to you. Rreports surfaced yesterday about a hospital in Santiago infested with cockroaches and a pediatric hospital in Havana where the cribs are crawling with cockroaches.

O, the joys of living in a “medical powerhouse” . . . And never forget that this problem and ALL others in Castrogonia are caused by the U.S. “blockade.” Socialism is never, ever the root cause of any of these catastrophes.

Abridged and loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

The shortage of ambulances is critical in Cuba, since only 39.6% of the vehicles that should be available for a medical emergency are available in all the municipalities of the country.

According to the annual balance of the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP), 2022 was characterized by a lack of financing, for which it was impossible to improve the ambulance availability rate and the few teams of this type that arrived in the country were exclusively for donation.

Minister José Ángel Portal Miranda acknowledged that this chronic shortage has led to lengthening waiting times for a patient when an emergency occurs. This has a negative impact on the chances of survival; However, the head of MINSAP blamed the current crisis on the “intensification of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the Government of the United States.”

During the annual balance held this past Monday at the Palace of the Revolution and which was attended by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz and Deputy Prime Minister José Luis Perdomo, the general lack of medicines throughout the nation due to the paralysis of the drug manufacturing due to a deficit of imported raw materials.

For his part, Marrero warned that despite the promise that 2023 would be different, the conditions that were present last year have not changed.

“We have said that this will be a different year, but these causes are in force. Months of 2023 have passed and they have been hard. The lack of foreign currency income prevents us from advancing in the search for solutions to the most complex problems that we face as a country, associated with food production, the energy crisis and the acquisition of resources that guarantee the health demands of our population”, warned the leader, whose marked overweight does not make him the best exponent of a healthy citizen either.

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  1. Part of the problem is that those in charge are NOT affected by this and they don’t really give a shit. Thus, while they’ll duly blame the “blockade,” they will do basically nothing to address the situation. Gracias, Fidel.

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