Hackers take over Cuban state-run media website, leave message for the ‘president’

A group of Venezuelan hackers known as #TeamHDP hacked into a Cuban state-run media website and called for the release of political prisoners and left a message for the communist Castro dictatorship’s sock puppet president, Miguel Diaz-Canel. You gotta love it.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

#TeamHDP hacks ‘Temas’ magazine website and calls for the release of political prisoners

On Wednesday, the Venezuelan hacker group #TeamHDP carried out a cyberattack on state-run magazine Temas, leaving messages such as “Díaz-Canel, Singao” [Diaz-Canel F*cker], “Patria y Vida” [Homeland and Life], and “Freedom for political prisoners.”

@FailSistem, which is linked to the Venezuelan hacker group #TeamHDP, reported the cyberattack on Twitter. In April, they also hacked the Spanish-language website of the Telesur channel with a note calling for the freedom of political prisoners in Cuba and Venezuela.

On Thursday, Temas was still inaccessible and had made no mention of the attack on its social media profiles.

The hackers also left a message for the director of the State’s intellectual media, Rafael Hernández, which said, “I am a communist shit eater who kissed Díaz-Canel’s balls for a weekly package of rice. I’m also a singao like the commander in chief.”

Screenshots of the messages posted were shared on Twitter by @FailSistem.

In recent years, the digital sites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the University of Guantanamo, the Ministry of Finance and Pricing, among others, have been hacked by cyber activists critical of the regime.

This week, the hacker group SistemFail carried out a cyberattack on the websites of the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski and the Hotel Nacional de Cuba. The hacking was reported by Cuban activist Alberto Ortega Fonseca, known as Albert Fonse on social media, and is part of the boycott of tourism to Cuba campaign carried out by the opposition group Los Mambises.

After the protest by hundreds of Cuban artists, activists, and intellectuals on November 27, 2020, in front of the Ministry of Culture, for the abuses against members of the dissident group San Isidro Movement, Hernández published an essay in Nueva Sociedad in which he left out the repressive actions of the regime.

Hernández also censored independent journalists Luz Escobar and Mónica Baró in a debate where they spoke in 2020.