Postcards from Utopia: A day in the life (and death) of ordinary Cubans

Socialist architecture

From our Bureau of Socialism in Action

Take a look at the wall above, which is about to collapse and is being held up with two spindly tree branches. This wall is on one of Havana’s main boulevards, Calzada de Carlos III, near the Felipe Poey school, on Zapata street. Many children have to walk past it every day. Here’s what one mother had to say on social media:

“My daughter studies at the Felipe Poey primary / secondary school, she is on Zapata street. Every day to get there she has to cross Calzada de Carlos III. Incredibly, this, although she always worries me, does not cause me all the panic that just imagining that the least expected day falls on her the wall that you see in the photos (post) ”

Now take a look at the Leaning Post and Tesla Coil of El Cerro, below, which rivals Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa as well as Nicola Tesla’s Death Ray. Here’s what someone in that humble Havana neighborhood had to say on social media:

“An hour ago it was like this on Suzarte street, between San Carlos and Salvador, Cerro, Havana. The post is falling in front of parents’ house. Nobody does anything about it, they have called all the centers that can deal with the problem and nobody does anything. Please help me share, it must reach someone’s hands. Truly, every day I am disappointed in my country, it is disgusting, ”

Comparable achievements

Then, should you die as a result of any accident caused by the innumerable catastrophic failures caused by your country’s socialist government, worry not. Socialists care. They care a lot. You will be ferried to your grave in true socialist style, as proven by the photo below, taken in the town of Banes, province of Holguín, not very far from the birthplace of Fidel and Raul Castro.

Socialist funeral

And here is what some Cubans had to say about this hearse on social media:

“How long is that DAMN MURDEROUS DICTATORSHIP castro canel singaooooo going to make fun of the people. Cuba pa la calleeee”, (to the streets!) wrote Carmen Lele Rodríguez.

“The ROBOILLUSIONARIO (illusionary thrieving) progress is appreciable in this funeral cortege,” said Alcides Martínez.

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  1. It’s all in keeping with being a third-world shithole, which Cuba is, and the usual suspects are fine with that.

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