Cuban Catholic priest Alberto Reyes: ‘The moment has come for all of us for a transition’

63 years is a long time to wait, but the time to transition away from the corruption and oppression of socialism to freedom and democracy in communist Cuba has come.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Father Alberto Reyes: ‘The moment has come for all of us for a transition’

Cuban priest Alberto Reyes says the people are longing for a political change and a different system in Cuba, and that the moment for a transition has come for everyone.

In a post on his Facebook page, the priest recalled that from the beginning of the revolutionary process, there were people who opposed a single-party system and ideology, and that the government’s response to that was always exclusion, violence, or even death.

Known for his criticisms of the regime and his defense of the oppressed, the priest reaffirmed the people’s desire for a different life, which is expressed in comments heard on the street, in massive demonstrations, and in the “uninterrupted river of emigration.”

“The responses to these demands have been nothing but ignorance, ‘media lynchings,’ violent repression, imprisonment… Over and over again, the continuous voices of our people shouting ‘freedom’ have been ignored; over and over again, popular demonstrations, which have been mostly peaceful, have been suppressed with thuggish violence, followed by absurd explanations that insult one’s intelligence, and theatrical acts of ‘revolutionary reaffirmation’…” he said.

“The people keep saying in a thousand possible ways, but clearly, that it desires a deep and radical change, that it desires a change of system,” he emphasized.

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