Video of the Day: How the poorest in communist Cuba are cheated by the regime

In her first video in two months after she was detained and interrogated by State Security, Cuban YouTuber Hildina shows how the communist Castro dictatorship cheats the poorest families in Cuba.

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In my first video after this long period, I have decided to address a situation that is heartbreaking and unfortunately very common in our beloved country. I present to you a family that has lived in extremely precarious conditions for more than a decade. They have been victims of an unfulfilled promise by the Cuban government, which assured them of help to repair their home after a natural disaster, but that promise has faded into oblivion.

Through this video, I want to show you the daily life of this family and how they have had to face multiple adversities without receiving the necessary support. I want you to know their stories, their dreams and their hopes, which have been pushed aside and forgotten by those who have the power to make a difference.

It is important that we all be aware of these situations and that we stand in solidarity with our compatriots who struggle every day to survive in such difficult conditions. We cannot allow their voices to be silenced and their problems to be ignored. We must raise our voices and demand real change in our society.

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  1. The “revolution” cheated everybody. It was never as advertised, but a massive bait-and-switch scam.

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