8 thoughts on “King Raul’s daughter and fake president’s wife lead gay pride conga line in Cuba”

  1. Doesn’t matter how hypocritical, illegitimate and full of it this BS is–all that matters is that it its target audience buys it or pretends to believe it and acts accordingly. Obviously, this shit is not aimed at us.

  2. They know that the “right” in the US has been attacking transsexuals [think of the Dylan Mulvaney boycott that has been in the news], so they are saying, “socialism yes, transphobia no.” Wonderful optics. They could put Goebbels to shame, seriously.

    • There’s no point blaming a cobra for being poisonous. The fact anybody buys this cynically opportunistic “rights” showboating in a society where NOBODY has basic human rights, starting with any homosexual or trans person who opposes the regime, is the real problem. This shit only happens because it DOES sell to a certain public outside Cuba, and this is chiefly for export.

  3. I wonder how Mariela feels about Cuesta getting in on her act. She probably sees her as both an amateur and an arriviste, but I suppose she’ll tolerate her as long as she doesn’t try to upstage the Sex Queen.

  4. And yes, there are always those who play along with and suck up to power for what they can get from it. That has been the case throughout Cuba’s history. It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t help any, but it’s a fact.

    • Yes, they know this game works for them, even though it should fool nobody with half a brain.

  5. Let me note, it’s astounding how third world and shoddy Cuba is. The regime is always lamenting shortages b/c of the “cruel blockade,” they don’t even have enough money for schoolbooks, pencils, etc… but whenever they do one of their marches, they somehow find enough paper, fabric, ink and have the printing presses to produce quality material such as that Socialismo Si, Transfobia No poster, the rainbow fan or the huge banner and Cuban rainbow flags.

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