Learning English with our favorite TV mothers

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and even those mothers to be.  (Did I miss anyone?)

Over the years, we’ve loved TV mothers — i.e. all of those “mom” characters we grew up watching. In our case, it was how we learned English or translated for our mother.

Here is my list of favorites:

  1. Mrs. Cleaver in Leave it to Beaver.  Barbara Billingsley died in late 2010.  She will forever be Beaver’s mom and one of the most endearing characters in TV history.  Frankly, didn’t Mrs. Cleaver remind you of your mom? 
  2. Mrs. Ingalls of Little House in the Prairie.  She was just great.  This is a show about the “frontier mother,” the courageous woman of the frontier.
  3. On a more hilarious note, let me add Mrs. Adams of The Adams Family.  Wasn’t Mrs. Morticia Adams just hilarious?  Doesn’t every mother have a bit of Mrs. Adams in her personality?

Again, we salute all of the mothers today.  We hope they all have a lovely day.

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