Family of Canadian tourist who died in Cuba ten years ago still unable to retrieve his remains

The deceased in Cuba, 2013 (last photo ever taken), and in Toronto, 1970’s

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice with some assistance from our Bureau of Dream Holidays in Cuba,

Talk about Canadian dream holidays gone wrong. This one tops the list.

For the past ten years, a Canadian family has been begging Castro, Inc. to return the remains of their father. The man died of a heart attack after spending a month in a Cuban hospital, and was quickly buried. Naturally, his family expected Castro, Inc. to return his corpse, but after they paid his hospital bill, Cuban authorities stopped responding to their pleas.

Even worse, the Canadian government has done nothing for this family after it was done collecting the dead man’s hospital fees for Castro, Inc.

Oh, but Canadians will keep flocking to Cuba anyway. Nothing will deter them. And the Canadian government will keep aiding Castro, Inc. in any way possible.

From The Toronto Sun

Nick Messina, an 82-year-old Toronto resident, had been on a month-long vacation in Cuba when he was hospitalized after falling ill during lunch in a restaurant at his resort, Hotel Club Amigo Caracol, in Playa Santa Lucia.

However, his family says they learned about Nick’s hospitalization only after he died of a massive heart attack.

“He was hospitalized for almost a month, paid $6,800 for his hospital bill, at which time a travel representative visited the hospital and the doctor discharged him on March 26, 2013,” Nick’s daughter, Michelle Messina, told The Toronto Sun.

He never made his flight the following day.

Since then, Michelle has tried to have his body exhumed and brought back home – with no help from Global Affairs Canada.

The Canadian government worked more as a fund collector for Cuba,” Michelle said. “They were on my case to come up with thousands of dollars. After I paid for all the fees, they did not help to bring his body back.”

Nick was buried on short notice after the morgue became full.

“That’s why I think they rushed to bury him,” Michelle said. “I’m kind of surprised that Foreign Affairs wouldn’t say, ‘This woman paid a lot of money, it’s her father, we need some time to have the family come over there, she has to get a translator.’

“By the time I was notified, he was already buried.”

“It really has been a nightmare. I just feel paralyzed over it,” she said. “I sometimes look out the window and think, ‘maybe he’s coming home.’ How do we know for sure he’s not alive somewhere?”

As for getting his remains, Michelle doesn’t think she will ever get them – especially since Global Affairs told her they have done all they could.

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  1. There is probably something fishy in all this, meaning the the Castronoids may be hiding something or afraid that releasing the remains may work against them. It’s also possible the body was simply cremated without the family’s knowledge or consent. It seems odd that the authorities would pass on charging the family additional money for returning the remains unless something is clearly not kosher, so to speak.

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