Pregnant women in Cuban maternity ward left without food, water, or medications

Despite the accolades and praises heaped upon the communist Castro dictatorship by its supporters on the American left for being a “medical power,” the reality of medical care in Cuba is vastly different. In the province of Camagüey, a hospital maternity ward has left its pregnant patients without food, water, and little medication and in horrid and unsanitary conditions.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Pregnant women admitted to the Clodomira Acosta Maternity Ward in the city of Camagüey are denouncing the terrible conditions in which they find themselves at that institution.

Several of the women, who asked to remain anonymous, said the situation regarding water, food, and the lack of medications are the main problems affecting this healthcare center.

“Thanks to the rain on Thursday, we were able to bathe. We put buckets and collected the water that was falling from the roof, risking contracting a vaginal infection. The management was coordinating a water tanker, but it arrived at 10 PM, after we had been waiting for more than six hours,” complained one of the pregnant women.

“The bedding was not changed because there was no water to wash it, and they’re supposed to change it every other day,” she added.

Likewise, the pregnant women say the food they are given is very little in quantity and poorly prepared. “It’s meager, we are left hungry, and the afternoon snack is two slices of pineapple and at night an undrinkable glass of milk without sugar.”

Many on the American left who continue to applaud communist Cuba’s healthcare system are fully aware it is horrific and on the verge of collapse, but that is of little concern to them. What they like best about the Cuban system is the total and complete control it provides the government, not the service and definitely not the health outcomes. For the left, the suffering of people is just a small price to pay for them to obtain power.