‘Your paradise, my prison’: Cubans protest Spain’s El Pais newspaper for promoting tourism to Cuba

Cuban exiles in Spain gathered in front of the headquarters of Spain’s El Pais newspaper to protest that publication’s immoral promotion of tourism to communist Cuba.

Via CubaNet:

‘Your Paradise, My Prison’: Cuban Activists Demonstrate in Front of the Spanish Daily Newspaper “El País” Headquarters

Several activists who are exiled in Spain addressed a letter of protest to “El País” for promoting tourism instead of the “legitimate aspirations for freedom and democracy” of the Cuban people.

Several Cuban exiles demonstrated recently in front of the headquarters of the Spanish daily paper El País, which had promoted tourism to Cuba with the article titled “Con la inflación disparada y tras la pandemia, es un buen momento para viajar a Cuba?” (“With Rising Inflation and After the Pandemic, Is It a Good Time to Travel to Cuba?”) by the blogger Paco Nadal.

“We will conduct a silent protest holding a sign that reads: ‘Your paradise, our prison’, tweeted the group which is made up of Cuban activists, journalists, art curators, visual artists and writers.

Likewise, the group addressed an open letter to El País administration, arguing that the article written by Paco Nadal promotes tourism to the island, thus benefitting the Business Administration Group, S.A. (GAESA, by its Spanish acronym), a military conglomerate that controls 70% of Cuba’s state economy and finances State Security operations against peaceful demonstrators in Cuba.

The letter questions El País about whether it would publish a similar article promoting tourism to Nicaragua or Venezuela, and indicates that the paper supports “normalizing the Castro dictatorship” by publishing said content.

In the letter, the activists also mention the unjust treatment of Cubans: “The article thus promotes the main staple of the military enterprise GAESA which controls 70% of Cuba’s economy, from tourism to the purchase of anti-riot gear, while it finances the operations of State Security against peaceful demonstrators in our country.”

The group of Cubans also accuses the newspaper of maintaining an editorial line that ignores or sugar-coats the nature of the Cuban dictatorship. “Throughout the years, we Cubans have read with increasing shock how El País has kept an editorial line about Cuba that ignores the problem or sugar-coats the nature of the dictatorship itself, making of the Cuban people’s struggle for freedom and democracy a less relevant news item than traveling to Cuba.”

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  1. El País is a rat’s nest that has supported leftist ideologies for decades. What is outrageous is that its parent company (Grupo Prisa) has accumulated debts worth a billion dollars and no one is forcing its downfall. This, at least in Spain, is unheard of and would not be allowed to any other company but the socialist and communist pressure groups move in their sewers so that Prisa does not go bankrupt.

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