Cuban woman patched up with labels after eye surgery despite bringing her own bandages to hospital

Enviable and praiseworthy socialist medical care

From our Bureau of Enviable and Praiseworthy Latrine American “Medical Powerhouses” with some assistance from our Bureau of Improper Recycling of Sticky Items

No surprise here, of course. This is what happens routinely in Cuban hospitals, which require patients to buy and bring whatever is needed for their medical procedures and hospital stays.

This woman brought bandages and other items for her eye surgery, but hospital personnel obviously stole them, most probably so they could sell them for profit to other patients.

Socialism at work! Hey, at least they had surplus labels! They could have used a banana leaf and tied it to her face with a rag!

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo:

A new incident that proves that Cuba is not a medical power as the Castro regime sells it, was released on social media in the last few hours.

Through a Facebook post, a Cuban who goes by the name of Oscar Luis Malpica Lavin denounced that his grandmother was a victim of the negligence that abounds in the island’s hospitals after having an eye operation.

The young man explained that the elderly woman underwent eye surgery at the Abel Santamaría Hospital in the city of Pinar del Río, and she brought all the supplies she needed to undergo surgery in order to be treated “without problems and without risks ”.

However, Oscar specified that when he saw her grandmother arrive at her house, he realized that in the hospital they used labels to blindfold her recently operated eye.

The young man wondered “Where are the bandages and other items that my grandmother brought with her to the hospital?” seeing the labels that his grandmother had stuck over her eye.

Malpica described this situation as a “lack of respect that these inappropriate labels are used to cover up such a delicate operation that can suffer from infections.”

What this grandmother had to experience is something that many ordinary Cubans have experienced and experience daily when they attend the decaying health centers in Cuba, while the regime continues to sell abroad that the island is a “medical power.” Which is totally false.

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  1. Totally appropriate for savages. Besides, whatever medical care she got was “free,” so it’s all good.

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