Cuban dictatorship arrests sixth protester from the peaceful Caimanera protests

Freddy Sarquiz González during the Caimanera protest.

Although the communist Castro dictatorship only managed to initially arrest five Cubans after almost the entire town of Caimanera took to the streets in a peaceful protest, that doesn’t mean they stopped the persecution.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

The Cuban regime has arrested another participant in the protests that took place on May 6 in Caimanera, Guantánamo, bringing the total number of imprisoned demonstrators to six.

The sixth detainee is named Freddy Sarquiz González and was imprisoned on May 18, as revealed on Twitter by Yeris Curbelo Aguilera, a reporter for Palenque Vision.

“His name is Freddy Sarquiz González, and he is being held at the Unit for Crimes against State Security in Guantánamo,” said Curbelo Aguilera.

The journalist shared a video capture showing Sarquiz González participating in the protest, engaging in a conversation with a group of people on the street, with neither he nor those around him committing any acts of violence.

“This young man was doing nothing more than expressing himself, talking with others on the street about the needs, the scarcity of food and medicine on the island at the moment,” Curbelo Aguilera wrote..

In another tweet, the journalist specified that Sarquiz González is a father of three children and works in the commerce sector in Caimanera.

While violently quashing the peaceful protest that took place in early May, Cuban State Security arrested five Cubans. Those Cubans, who are now known as the Guantanamo Five, have since then been disappeared by the regime. However, it appears the Castro dictatorship is still hunting down more protesters.