Cuban exiles stage anti-dictatorship protest at Cannes Film Festival red carpet

From our Bureau of Unusual Red Carpet Moments

Exiled dissident Avana de la Torre is at it again, this time at the Cannes film festival. She has staged similar protests in Spain, Italy, London, and elsewhere.

The protest was briefly halted by security guards, but continued after the protesters moved farther away from the red carpet.

Loosely translated from Cubanos Por El Mundo

A group of Cuban activists took to the streets of the Cannes Film Festival in France to demand the release of political prisoners on the island.

The activist Avana de la Torre made several videos from the site showing the moment in which they met to make visible the human rights violations by the Cuban dictatorship.

“The message of the Cuban people arrived at the Cannes (France) festival, for a few minutes we were able to approach the red carpet, then we opened the flag of our political prisoners in front of the stands of different countries, it was brief because security is extremely strong, but the police understood and even knew that there is a dictatorship in Cuba,” De la Torre said.

She specified that the moment they approached the red carpet, they did so with the message: “Freedom for Cuba! Freedom for all political prisoners!”

In this protest, the Antilleans also raised their voices for the filmmaker Daniel Ross Diéguez, who won the award for best drama in the monthly edition corresponding to March of the Cannes World Film Festival Remember the Future with the feature film “The Wait”, but the regime communist prevented him from leaving the island, so he could not attend to receive the award.

Despite the fact that the peaceful protest began on the red carpet, where international celebrities walked, minutes later they were questioned by the local security forces.

Avana de la Torre commented that they called their attention as a security measure, and that they only asked them who they were and what their intention was, and they allowed them to continue their protest, but further away. She assured that even the police in that country recognized that there is a dictatorship in Cuba.

Go HERE for videos in Spanish