Before they get to Cruz

We are already talking 2024 around here, the U.S. Senate race, that is. Yes, Senator Ted Cruz is up for reelection and Democrats are getting ready. It looks like State Senator Roland Gutierrez will go against U.S. congressman Colin Allred.  Gutierrez was very vocal after the Uvalde school shooting because it happened in his Senate district.  Alred, on the other hand, has been a quiet congressman who represents a very blue district.  

What will happen when they try to take the other one out? This is from Gromer Jeffers Jr. who covers state politics for the Dallas Morning News:   

As Allred, a former Tennessee Titans linebacker, launched his Senate campaign earlier this month, he told The Dallas Morning News that he understood he may have to fight for his party’s nomination.

“My focus is running a campaign to beat Ted Cruz and to get the people of Texas the kind of honest and pragmatic leadership they deserve,” he said. “Other candidates are welcome to get in the race, but we’re going to run hard and we’re going to run to beat Ted Cruz.”     

Gutierrez did not comment on his political future.    

But Colin Strother, a consultant for Gutierrez, said Allred does not have the right message. His comments are an early peek at how Gutierrez could try to contrast himself with Allred.

“Based on everything that [Allred has] said and tweeted, and posted thus far, he’s trying to appeal to Republicans, and he’s citing his work across the aisle and his support from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,” Strother said. “The Chamber of Commerce has enough members in the Senate, and I just don’t see base Democrats getting excited to vote for Republican-light.”

Well, both have two problems. First, they are not really moderates.  As I’m sure Senator Cruz will point out in his TV ads, you will have to look for a long time to find one time that Rep. Alred broke with his party in Washington.  Yes, Representative Alred hangs around with the Chamber of Commerce when he comes home, but it’s his hanging around with Speaker Pelosi that counts. Senator Gutierrez is an automatic Democrat vote in Austin. So can they compete in the 254 counties that make up Texas? Ask Beto O’Rourke.

Second, are national Democrats going to fall for another blue fantasy?  The Democrats will have to defend West Virginia, Montana, and Ohio to begin with.  They will have to spend money to defend Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, etc.  Are they going to dump a lot of money in Texas?   I say no.

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